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Residence Redpath
| 6 December 2016

Redpath Residence

“Complexity in simplicity” pretty well sums up this project by architect Philip Hazan and his team. To meet the challenge, MMR had to ensure that all details worked out by the architect were respected. Numerous windows and the accompanying generous natural lighting required perfectly executed and finished pieces of woodwork. Complex alignments, the right choice […]

Résidence Port Royal
| 6 December 2016

Port-Royal Apartments No.1

In this complete renovation of a high-end condo in Port-Royal Apartments, several “out of the ordinary” materials were used, some of which had to be imported expressly for the project including an important cabinetry component. The unique kitchen design is composed of walnut, natural oiled steel and sheepskin—stretched and lacquered.

Residence Port Royal No.2
| 6 December 2016

Port-Royal Apartments No.2

Designer Yves Lefebvre brings his original design to life in this residential building located in downtown Montreal The new woodworking elements here had to be merged with existing ones. One of the challenges of this project was to carry out the work with full respect to other residents of the building. This project was completed […]

Résidence Outremont
| 6 December 2016

Outremont Residence

For the entire renovation of this residence in Outremont, only superior quality materials were used. Several meetings, exchanges, and the production of samples were a necessary part of the decision-making process: Teakwood, Ziricote and Macassar ebony were the final choices. This project was carried out in partnership with the designer at all stages of the […]

Martha's Vineyard project
| 9 February 2017

Martha’s Vineyard

A well-kept secret… On this exceptional site, Architect Peter Rose created a sturdy shelter, built to weather well to face the Atlantic winter storms and hurricanes. The woodwork by MMR is there to make the interior a reassuring, warm and conformable place.