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Partnering with us

We pride ourselves on the success of our projects, delivering on time, on budget and to the required quality. This is possible because we hit the ground running. To help us do so, explore our guide to working with MMR.

Partnering with MMR

6 steps to a successful collaboration

Involve us from the start

Get the most out of our millworking knowledge even before you start drafting. Discussing your project with us in advance helps the decision-making process and leads to a better outcome.

Agree on a master timeline

We work backwards from the delivery deadline to identify the key decision-making dates. We’ll also build in a buffer for contingencies just in case anything unexpected crops up.

Choose your wood essences

Tell us what you have in mind as early as possible possible so that we can advise early on of any potential complications such as availability, size or whether it suits the project. We can also provide samples.

Consider the build environment

For us, nothing goes into production before we get field dimensions. We consider all the angles before anything goes into production including how the millwork gets to site, access and installation of woodwork in a humidity-controlled environment. After all, wood can be affected if exposed to light, temperature and humidity variations.

Ask us about available hardware and accessories

Millwork hardware is a fast evolving industry. Ask us what’s new to market and we’ll take you through the pros and cons.

Decide what will influence the selection of finishes

We can help you choose your finishes based on your project’s priorities: aesthetics, durability, evolution of colour over time or budget.