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Welcome to MMR

With us, there is no catalogue to choose from. No off-the-shelf solution. We believe in going beyond the surface to understand what you aspire to – and then making everything ‘sur mesure’, to fit your design, cost and time objectives.

Everything happens in our boutique workshop and state of the art facilities right in the heart of Montreal, where we make sure that each crafted piece is a piece of your vision, brought gloriously to life.

The MMR team
with you since 1960

For several years MMR has been offering a close and personalized service adapted to each of our exposition projects, from conception to installation. They demonstrate pro-activity required in the speed of execution at which we must face on a regular basis. In addition, their quality of work has always been flawless; the team is professional, engaged and very pleasant to work with.

Sandra Gagné
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

How we bring your vision to life

It’s quite simple: we do things your way – and we go to great lengths to discover how. It’s the only way to achieve the results we’re known for, from the simplest to the most complex projects. After all, every project and client is unique.

It starts with integrating our project team with yours and finding out what you envisage when you picture success. We then draw on our industry experience to define the best way forward. This involves our drafting team transforming designs into high-detail plans that our craftsmen execute from our state-of-the-art facilities.

Together, we create high quality millwork that stands the test of time.

MMR attention to detail

Our Services

Project Planning

We set out a clear project roadmap that includes budgeting, scheduling, as well as material and hardware selection.

Project Management

Our project management team seamlessly integrate with yours – drawing on their many years of collaborative experience to guarantee the project’s success.

Technical Drafting

Renowned for our high detail drafting, we interpret the true intentions of the design team. And then propose solutions that meet the design vision and functionality.

Shop Production

From selection, matching, and integration with other materials such as stone, glass, and metals, to machining and assembly by skilled woodworkers. There’s good reason why we’re known as masters of the “art of veneer”.


We strive for perfection in the finishing of our products, from rigorous sampling of stains and solid colours, to highest quality finishing products and carefully sanding surfaces in preparation.

Quality Control

We’re meticulous about quality! This is why our dedicated quality control team inspect every piece that leaves the shop to make sure it meets our rigorous standards. We also use robust packaging to protect our creations during transport and delivery.


Our professional installers have the know-how to guarantee that onsite installation meets the same standards as in-shop assembly. They’re proficient at readjustments and can fine tune hardware as well as perform professional onsite touchups.

After Sales Support

Our collaboration doesn’t end with installation. Our dedicated service team are on hand for any maintenance and repairs – so your project can truly stand the test of time.

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