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Parisian-style interior courtyard

Founded in 2004, Accuracy is a consulting services firm with 17 offices in 13 countries and across 4 continents. The firm chose to fit out their new Montreal spaces in an emblematic building in Old Montreal, in the heart of the business district. Therefore, they renewed their confidence in Atelier MMR for a second mandate.

This space located in an area of ​​exceptional heritage value, 390 Notre-Dame West, was designed and designed by Atelier L’Abri and produced in collaboration with Modulor. L’Abri worked meticulously on every detail of the project, including the integration of the handles for a perfect layout.

The Parisian-style interior courtyard and the atrium of this building provides a natural light that highlights the selected wood: walnut. The result majestically highlights the intricate and fine details of the architectural carpentry and cabinetwork.