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GIS-AWMAC Guarantee
Article by Marc Desjardins

Offering affordable services for projects of all sizes, AWMAC’s Guarantee and Inspection Service (GIS) ensure that architectural woodworking is verified at all stages.

  • Before planning manufacturing, shop drawings are examined to ensure compliance with AWMAC quality standards.
  • Before manufacturing, samples are examined if specified in contract documents, either at the plant or the installation site.
  • After installation, architectural woodwork is inspected to ensure compliance.

These inspection services are offered by professionals trained and certified by the industry. Clear and precise reports are provided to all parties for every phase of the inspection and the AWMAC follows up and ensures that all reported deficiencies are rectified.

This guarantee is valid for a period of two years and to get it, you basically have to say “yes, I want it” by:

  1. Specifying the Guarantee and Inspection Service requirement in your architectural woodworking estimates, using recommended wording
  2. Specifying the standard of quality, be it economy, regular or premium quality
  3. Informing the AWMAC section office that the GIS is required for your tender documents.

For more information, please visit www.awmac.com or just ask us – we are happy to help.