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Article by Marc Desjardins

The Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada, or AWMAC, participated, along with its American counterparts, in developing and coding Architectural Woodwork Standards. Thanks to the Association’s Quebec division, these standards are now available in French.

The standards relate to the manufacturing and installation of architectural wood-based millwork. They provide architects and designers with simple, logical means to understand the behaviour of the architectural woodworking components used in controlled environments.

By way of reference, they allow compliance criteria to be enforced, by ensuring that manufacturers and installers who submit bids for tenders for projects are obliged to adhere to the same technical requirements and carry out work of equal quality.

The three levels or grades of quality for standards are:

  • Economical grade: meets minimum standards
  • Regular grade: ensures a well-defined level of quality in terms of materials as well as the implementation and installation of projects
  • Premium grade (Premium): ensures the highest standards of quality in terms of materials, implementation and installation

Although AWMAC standards represent quality thresholds to be met, each cabinetmaker is authorized to go above and beyond these minimum levels. Here at MMR, we tend to go above and beyond these standards in several ways, including:

  • cabinet assembly
  • quality of raw materials
  • the choice and assembly of veneers

Why? To make our products more solid, durable and beautiful.

To ensure that you remain abreast of evolving standards for your project, the AWMAC offers a Guarantee and Inspection Service (GIS).

For more information, visit the website at www.awmac.com or contact us. We are happy to help.